How to choose the right ITIL Foundation training?

Nowadays there are loads of organisations offering ITIL training. They call it either ITIL Foundation, ITIL Bootcamp, ITIL Workshop, you name it.
But how do you choose the right training?

E-learning or classroom

First of all you have to choose between an e-learning or classroom training. We advice a classroom training. One of the benefits is that you get your questions answered right away. Another important benefit in our opinion is that you will be able to share your views and thoughts with other participants and the trainer. This will give you a better basis to put the theory in practice

Amount of days

We will let you in on a little secret. To sit the ITIL Foundation exam you do not need to follow a course. You could buy a book, study for hours, sit the exam and pass. The question though is if you really understand the theory.
On the other hand and official ITIL Foundation has to be 24 hours (accreditation rules). Next to that the accreditor set 24 hours of self study. This means an official ITIL Foundation training should be 24 hours.
So you can sit the exam without following a formal training. This means training providers can give any kind of ITIL Foundation based training , just as long as they don’t call it an ITIL Foundation training. In this way they can make their training as long or short as they want.
So what is our advice? This is a tricky one, it depends if you are a fast learner or not. From a trainer’s perspective we would say you would need at least 2 days to explain the curriculum well enough. Taken in mind you will do some self study.

Training including or excluding exams

Alot of training providers end their training with the exam. In our opinion we advice 1-2 weeks time to prepare before taking the exam.

So all in all there are alot of factors to take in account. But in our opinion a classroom training of at least two days, and self study will give you the best result to pass the exam AND be able to put theory into practice.