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  • Flying rockets with Air Traffic Control The Netherlands

    Last week we ran an Apollo 13 business simulation combined with a design workshop for Air Traffic Control in The Netherlands. One of the biggest reasons was to focus on their IT Change management process.

  • Axelos selling ITIL?

    The IT Skeptic has seen paperwork today that appears to confirm big news for ITIL. Yes folks, we believe Axelos has sold ITIL® to a consortium of independent ITSM consultants. Our spy within the consortium said “We had nowhere else to go really. With the announcement of the ACP and the APC, it would have…

  • How to choose the right ITIL Foundation training?

    Nowadays there are loads of organisations offering ITIL training. They call it either ITIL Foundation, ITIL Bootcamp, ITIL Workshop, you name it. But how do you choose the right training?