Wednesday Web Sessions – Value Stream Mapping & Business Capabilities

  Datum - 28/04/2021
  Tijden - 16:00 - 17:30

This 90 minutes session is part of a series of short and focused webinars. The series is meant for anybody with or without experience applying methods, tools and frameworks in service management or enterprise architecture. The main goal is to share knowledge, discuss and try new methods.

Decompression Zone

We invite all participants to sign into the meeting (Zoom/Teams) a few minutes before the start of the program. We’ll get comfortable, get some coffee, put on your seat belt before take off. This ensures we’ll be able to use all the 90 minutes to focus on the content of program


– Introduction

– Theory Value and value co creation

– Short exercise with different techniques

– Theory Value Stream Mapping

– Short exercise building value streams

– Q&A


After the official end of the program we give participants the opportunity to join us for 15 minutes of back-stage. This is an opportunity to have a more casual and maybe off-topic chat with the coach and other participants.s.