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Design thinking brings a new perspective to corporate culture

CIOs and IT professionals typically prioritize cost savings and process optimization, not feelings. But like it or not, their performance may soon depend on their ability to build an emotional bridge between their brands and consumers.This new mentality is known as “design thinking.” As InformationWeek points out, this approach to product planning focuses on the emotional journey and overall customer experience. In other words, enterprises are encouraged to target consumers’ emotions and build a strong relationship through evocative strategy.Such an emphasis on emotions isn’t unusual on the content marketing side of things, where marketers are on the front lines of building this type of personal experience. But the mindset is also starting to take root on the technical side of products, as developers, IT professionals and even executives are learning to consider the emotional implications of what they’re creating.In that sense, design thinking asks developers to work outside of the box and seek creative product solutions that target a deeper consumer connection — one extending far beyond the functionality of a product or feature.Spearheading innovation off the beaten path

Functionality has long been a staple of successful technology strategies. In fact, entire companies have made fortunes simply by being powerful, efficient and simple. But today’s most successful brands aren’t finding corporate triumphs in the same way. Because so many technologies offer strong functionality, customers are often driven to base their purchasing decisions on how a product makes them feel.Meanwhile, the product space is more congested than ever. Consumers may do some research before making a purchase decision, but they’re unlikely to take a comprehensive approach to sorting through all of their options. A much more likely scenario is that a product will catch their eye, or perhaps simply affect them with a feeling that inspires greater interest. As a result, emotional connection can be the launch pad for conversions with new consumers when it is executed properly.Of course, providing for these emotional desires is easier said than done.

Harvard Business Review outlines the challenge ahead for CIOs that plan to adopt the design thinking mentality, telling them to embrace “empathy with users, a discipline of prototyping, and a tolerance for failure.” Unfortunately, not every brand is equipped for these sorts of challenges. At the moment, the leaders in design thinking innovation are major global brands with deep pockets and strong reputations in their industries and with consumers.Ultimately, enterprises can’t delve into this new mentality without assuming some extra risk. But proponents of this philosophy contend that the rewards are immeasurable. And where emotional connection with consumers is concerned, there’s no better tool for building a platform for these “empathetic interactions” at the technical level.
Source: Design thinking brings a new perspective to corporate culture : Mobile Business Insights