Tempescope shows you the weather by recreating it

Here’s a weird one for you — Rather than communicating the outside weather conditions through a screen of some sort, Japanese designer Ken Kawamoto has created a device that actually recreates the weather inside your home. You know, for those days where you can’t just walk outside to see what the weather’s doing.The Tempescope, as he calls it, consists of a water pump, mist diffuser, a set of colored LEDs, and an Arduino microcontroller, all placed inside a clear acrylic box. By syncing wirelessly with a computer or mobile phone, the device can hook up to the Internet and grab hourly weather forecast data. A simple software program then takes this data and plugs it into to the system’s various output devices. The LED’s will shift from red to blue to reflect the temperature, whereas the diffuser will fill the box with mist to match the level of cloud cover outside. If it happens to be raining, the pump will pull water from the lower reservoir and drip it down from the Tempescope’s ceiling. It can even recreate lightning during a storm.

via Tempescope shows you the weather by recreating it | Digital Trends.